Nine times out of ten, you’ll kill a zombie that’s right in front of you…not 50 feet away. You might be thinking of a million different ways to kill it in your head right now, but don’t think to hard. I’ve got you covered!

I went ahead and visited the Long Beach State women’s softball team after one of their practices, so they can give you some insight on how to take on the zombies.

Softball is fantastic in killing a zombie that say, just happened to walk into Dodgers Stadium while you’re watching Yasiel Puig slam one out of the park. So of course you’re probably thinking, “IS THIS REAL RIGHT NOW?!”

Yes, friend.

Everybody’s evacuating or panicking or running up and down the stairs for some reason, but there’s something else going on in your head. You have this little spark of something. You remember reading SOMETHING about how to kill zombies with a bat and some cleats and some really hard (slightly explosive) base/softballs.

Next step, fully remember what you read and saw and heard here, run into the dugout, suit up and get to work.

In this video below, senior outfielder Leilani Tupua-Tautalatasi describes then demonstrates how to kill a zombie three different ways using everything she’s learned from softball with some help from her teammates…and her softball gear.

Now, I have to remind you of the disclaimer section of this blog….please forgive me.

BUT, it wasn’t so bad, right?

Lucky for you, LBSU plays UC Davis at the 49er softball complex on March 28 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Busy that day? No worries. They play again the next day at 1 p.m.

So come out and see how hard they’ll really hit those zombies!

Here is the interview portion I did with Leilani because we all know the zombie apocalypse is about way more than just killing zombies…

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